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Warping Wheels 1.0.1 shahas




The Color Warp technology can be used to create many interesting and useful results. The ability of this technology to manipulate colors makes it very suitable for web design. It's true that most of the browser animations and visual effects are based on CSS. However, CSS itself is not designed to make complex animations. You can use jQuery, Javascript and other tools to build complex animations, but you can also use CSS animation and SVG animation to achieve similar effects. CSS animation and SVG animation are simple and easy to learn. You can learn more about CSS animation and SVG animation in the next chapter. # Chapter 3 – CSS Animation and SVG Animation The Web has been a collaborative effort. We use the various tools, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and so on, to make the Web experience even better. CSS and JavaScript are powerful tools, and both are very useful in web design. However, CSS and JavaScript have some limitations. For example, CSS only works on the client side. We cannot use CSS to make animations or interactive effects on the server side. We can use jQuery or Javascript to implement animations on the server side. ## CSS Animation You can use CSS animation to animate a single element on the screen. You can use CSS animation in many situations. For example, you can animate a single element or many elements on the screen to highlight or underline the main point of an article, or you can animate a button or other interactive elements to make the Web experience better. CSS animation is very easy to use. Let's start with a very simple example. ## CSS Animation – Example



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Warping Wheels 1.0.1 shahas

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